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Reunion Tower

If you want an amazing view of the city of Dallas, TX, a trip up at the 470-foot Reunion Tower is a must. This iconic landmark provides more than just a chance to look out over all the other buildings, roadways, parks, and neighborhoods surrounding it. The GeO-Deck has both indoor and outdoor sections to expand your viewing pleasure, entertainment spaces with a variety of events and opportunities for private parties, eateries, and more. This is an ideal stop on your overall Dallas adventure as it only takes an hour or two to take in all the sites down below. If you visit in the evening, take a moment to check it out from the outside, too. The illuminated sphere is truly a unique part of the skyline.

The GeO-Deck experience is the primary draw for individuals, families, and groups of friends. While you have plenty of opportunities to take your own pictures, the ticket price also comes with a free digital photo. Many digital displays and information about different things you can see out the large windows will make this an educational trip for kids. Please understand that inclement weather and private events may close down the usually public observation decks. If you plan to visit the Reunion Tower, call first to make sure you will have access to everything you want to do and see. Don’t forget to check out this place in Dallas too.

Although the view is amazing, the Reunion Tower in Dallas offers special opportunities and events every month and throughout the year. If you want a unique date night, consider the Love Is In the Air package complete with a silver-framed photo, sparkling wine, and a pair of flute glasses for you to keep. Other scheduled events include sunrise yoga, painting classes, the annual In the Air fair, events put on by local wineries, and more. If you are in looking for a roofing contractor, click here.

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